Benefits of Membership

Continuing Education

Included in your annual membership is access to over 40 hours of exceptional live continuing education. All without leaving Victoria.

It is more than enough to meet the annual requirements. How much is that worth? Let's do the math:

Many available courses off Vancouver Island are priced approximately $40-$120<sup>1</sup> per hour of CE credit.

Travel costs: Approximately $150 round trip for a ferry and driver. Missing extra days of work to travel to a courses.

Hotel expenses: $150-300 a night. Breakfast, lunch and dinner out?

Let's take a conservative estimate. It would take three separate two day weekend courses in Vancouver to get approximately 40 hours of CE (3x 14h CE). Let's say you are only charged $50 an hour for the CE. You drive and take the BCFerries. And you stay two nights in a hotel at $150 per night. You pack your own meals. 🙂

Total = Over $3450 annually!

Collegiality & Comradery

Dentistry can be a lonely and singular profession. In spite of being surrounded by a great supportive team and the rewards of helping patients the stresses of dental practice and practice ownership can be hard to describe people outside of our profession.

The VicDDS has been around for over 70 years. There's a good chance whatever challenges you face at work or at home has been experienced by another member of the society.

Come meet other dentists in your community in formal and informal settings. It's quite likely we share patients, work with the same colleagues and have similar passions about dentistry.

Meet other members so you have a network of colleagues whom you can rely upon. And if everything is perfect right now, we really want you to share your knowledge, experience and maybe mentor a new dentist.

Value = Sanity

Collective Voice

Our profession is both supported and regulated on a variety of levels. Sometimes it may feel like your opinions don't count.

Quite often discussions and debates at the VicDDS meets are key to bringing forward concerns from stakeholders to the attention of the government, our regulators and supporting groups:

  • Government (Federal & Provincial)
  • College of Dental Surgeons of BC
  • Canadian Dental Association
  • BC Dental Association
  • University of British Columbia Dental Program
  • Camosun Dental Hygiene and Dental Assistant Programs

Understanding the big picture


When there's a patient complaint or concern, knowing how to effectively manage the situation can change it from an opportunity to make things right into a formal college complaint.

Early mediation can help you move past the shock and feeling of personal failure to satisfying the needs and expectations of your patient.


Social Programs

  • Tennis Tournament
  • Golf Tournament (small seperate green fee)
  • Social Event Evening (Casino Night, Speakeasy, Trivia Night)
  • Children's Christmas Brunch
  • Annual Dinner & Dance Gala

Hundreds of dollars


For dentists recently graduated or new to our community. You may be coming here as an associate or opening your first dental practice. The mentorship program matches an experienced dentist in our community with a new colleague to help answer questions or connect new members to specialists, general dentists, suppliers, supporting services etc.

If you are interested in being either a mentor or mentee please contact the VicDDS.



Members Directory & Map

Look for it soon. We are in the process of updating the membership directory. It was once a printed paper booklet.

Once we have enough photographs and information collected we will release the members' directory.

Thank you for your patience and look for headshot photos to be taken at upcoming lectures and meetings.

Photo Gallery and Past Events

Find photos of yourself and friends at some of the past VicDDS events.



1. The Art of Treatment Planning and Case Presentation. Spear Education. $1675 (US dollars) for 14 hours of CE. As of July 2019.