Evening Scientific Program – Thursday, October 11, 2018

*Please note this program is open to dentists and spouses only (no staff)

“How to Outsmart an Embezzler” Description:

If you are a dentist, the likelihood that you will be the target of embezzlement during your career is greater than 60%. That’s right. GREATER than 60%!

As if this statistic isn’t bad enough, it is even more likely that the embezzler in your practice will be a long-time, trusted member of your staff. So what is a dentist to do?

In this interactive presentation, attendees will be given some alarming facts about this serious and personally-directed crime as well as proven strategies to empower them to take back control of their office’s financial well-being.

Using actual dental embezzlement case files as teaching tools, attendees will be able to use the information presented to interact with the presenter as he discusses the myths and misunderstandings surrounding dental embezzlement and guides participants through basic, yet effective strategies to avoid being a part of the “60%” statistic.

David presents this very serious topic with humor and offers real solutions that will inspire attendees to become more aware of the signs that indicate that things are not as they should be in their office.

Learning Objectives:

  • What causes embezzlement in dental practices?
  • The limitations of popular, conventional prevention strategies;
  • How a dentist can determine whether embezzlement is happening;
  • Important dos and don’ts if embezzlement is suspected or discovered;
  • The top ten actions to take for monitoring your practice for embezzlement.


David Harris founded Prosperident, the world’s largest dental embezzlement investigations firm, in 1989 and has been leading dentistry’s war on embezzlement ever since.

Under David’s leadership, Prosperident has expanded over the past quarter-century to become a team of more than twenty specialized investigators, IT professionals and support staff who consult on hundreds of embezzlement matters annually. David’s vast investigative experience, coupled with his own misadventures as a miscreant youth, have given him a unique insight into the mindset and actions of embezzlers. He is passionate about sharing this ever growing wealth of knowledge with dentists and dental specialists.

David believes that the best educational experiences are enhanced by humor, and his entertaining and insightful presentation style has made him a favorite presenter at regional, national and international dental conferences.

Many leading dental publications and organizations have interviewed David on the subject of embezzlement. He is also a prolific writer and authors a dozen or more articles annually that appear in major dental publications. He has lectured at several universities in the USA, Canada and Jamaica in the faculties of business, law and dentistry.

David is a licenced private investigator with a graduate degree in applied mathematics and a CPA designation. He is “dual certified” in fraud investigation, possessing both the Certified Fraud Examiner designation from the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners and he holds the Certified in Financial Forensics designation from the American Institute of CPAs.