Message from the President

Dr. Vohn Rosang, 2017-2019 VicDDS President

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Victoria and District Dental Society, I am honored to be your president for the upcoming year. I would like to welcome you to the 2017-2019 year of scientific and social events.  This year we have an excellent executive team who is excited about organizing a host of events as well as introducing online payments and registration for the membership dues and meeting RSVPs.

Social events this year will range from business meeting dinners and BBQ to the formal Christmas dinner and dance while the golf tournament and driving event in the spring continue to be very popular.  These social events give us a chance to build relationships with our colleagues and get to know each other in a more personal setting. This in turn helps to foster a positive, collegial, and professional dental community.

The scientific committee works hard to provide an excellent range of continuing education topics and speakers. These events provide an opportunity to fulfill the majority of our annual continuing education requirements right here in Victoria at a very reasonable cost. Members are encouraged to invite the whole dental team to suitable events, and suggestions for future speakers are always appreciated.

This year, as with each past year, the Victoria and District Dental Society executive team is evolving with new volunteers and ideas, striving to provide the membership with great benefits and events.  At the same time, we look back at our past executive teams with appreciation for the many hours of work and wisdom with which they served. Many of them have become our mentors and have invested much to make our society the envy of many other such component societies.

I, your president, and the entire executive team strive to serve the membership and our collective patients in a warm, friendly, professional and uplifting manner.  On a corporate scale, when needed, our society has spoken and will continue to speak with a loud impact on regulatory issues that affect our membership. The VDDS will continue to serve as the model of success for others and will provide opportunities to learn and grow together.


Vohn Rosang

2017-2019 President

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2019-2020 VicDDS Executive Committee

Role First Last Business Phone
President Frédéric Duke 250-595-1312
Past President Vohn Rosang 250-595-2334
Secretary Jill Smith
Treasurer Andrew Sweet 250-544-1566
Scientific Director Meredith Standridge 250-508-1625
Social Director Marc Noderer 954-895-6454
Director + Public and Professional Advisory Liaison David Christie 250-658-1321
Director + Mentor Program Liaison Sunny Tatra 250-590-0166
Director Ngan Huynh 250-384-3283
Director John Keyes 250-385-7511
CDSBC Board Representative Dustin Holben 250-474-3434
BCDA Board Representative Tony Nadolski 250-382-4344
Camosun College Representative Rob Walker 250-474-3434
Liason to Component Societies Bernard Bild 250-595-6125
Membership Liason Teo Russu 778-406-1177
Executive Coordinator Kari Filan 250-519-1072

Scientific Program Committee

Role First Last
Scientific Director Meredith Standridge
Shane Francis
Bernard Bild
Laura Turner
Ngan Huynh

Social Committee

Role First Last
Social Director Marc Noderer
Sean Filan
Chélise Kasun