About Us and About You

What we care about

The Victoria and District Dental Society (VicDDS for short) was started by a group of caring dentists in 1949 and has run continuously for over 70 years.

Over the years the VicDDS has focused on building the relationship between the dentists in our community and bringing in world class speakers for continuing education.

The roles have grown over the years to include patient mediation, professional and personal support for dentists. Members may be nominated to sit on the boards of the College of Dental Surgeons of British Columbia or BC Dental Association.


Continuing Education

Six or more day and evening scientific programs.

Annually over 40 hours of continuing education is available without leaving Victoria.

Business & Social Programs

There are numerous catered evening meetings to discuss changes and challenges in our profession.

The social committee is very busy with the annual Christmas brunch for the family, and Gala Dinner at the Empress hotel and Convention Centre. Past events have included a casino night, trivia contests, speakeasy, golf & tennis tournaments and dynamic driving lessons at the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit.

Collective Voice

Often presentations from representative of the CDSBC or BCDA take place with opportunity for questions and feedback.

Mediation, mentorship and so much more...


Why you should care

When you were accepted into dental school it was unlikely that anyone asked you if you would like to own a small business.

Did you become a dentist because you enjoyed human resources, marketing, computer networking, sterilization protocols, documentation, scheduling, bill collections, lease negotiations, employment standards compliance, and just so many more things to think about?

Wouldn't it be helpful to join a group of colleagues who've been there and can point you in the right direction when you have questions?

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